Why Change Happens in a Business Environment

Many people ask this question, why change occurs in a business organization? Explain why change occurs in a business organization. You must include in your answer three reasons why change occurs in a business organization. These will help you in formulating an action plan to deal with the problem.

a. This section will help you to evidence learning outcome. To explain the importance of Learning outcomes let us take an example. If you are involved in an experiment about the new shoe brands then you have a certain amount of expectation from the experiment. For example, you might expect that after all the experiments, people would like to have the particular brand over the other brands.

b. This section will help you explain the importance of defining learning objectives. Learning objectives are nothing but targets, which you set for the development of your employees. Once you know the learning objectives then you can tell the employees about what they have to do, how long they have to complete the task and when they are expected to be done with that task.

c. Finally describe the review of these previously decided targets. When a business is going through a change, you should have a review team to look into the different problems which exist in the current business environment and try to find out the root cause of those problems and then suggest the possible corrective steps to solve these problems.

Question 2. In the second paragraph of your answer you should explain why change happens in a business environment through the use of examples. Examples include an example where a brand new product has been launched and the old product is being discontinued. Also include an example where changes were brought about in the organization resulting in major disruption in working methods.

Question 3. Now you have finished your question and your assessment document is completed you can proceed with the next section which is the organizational change management assessment document. This document will have three parts and they are an overview, description of the status and what is going on in the organization as well as an evaluation. You will require to include three pages in your assessment document. The first page outlines briefly the nature of the change that is about to happen, the status of the organization and its various processes and the impact such change will have on the various individuals involved in the organization.

The second page should explain why change happens in a business environment through the use of examples. The third page should explain why proactive changes are required by the business. Last but not least you should provide a draft of your assessment document and be open for comments from individuals who can suggest any changes or other suggestions that can be included in the document. This is basically how you answer the question “Why change happens in a business environment.”

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